Wed. May 27th, 2020

Roxxy Haze headlines GCX’s Comedy lineup

Her name is unique in that no one else would dare call themselves this. Roxxy has climbed the geek-centric popularity ladder with such swiftness in 2019 it could, from our point of view, rival the likes of King Vader or even RDCWorld1 (no shade guys we promise) when they hit the scene! Read this quick snippet about Roxxy and the work she’s been putting in to get to where she is today:

She may or may not take us out for using this image… we think it’s cute tho!

Roxxy Haze can only be described as what happens when a latchkey kid is raised by the Disney Channel and PBS. Her comedy has grown into a mashup of socioeconomic insight and observations with a DAB of geek culture. Her online content (featured on Buzzfeed, VH1, E! News Online, Billboard and more) has garnered an impressive following, bordering cult-like. Haze has been featured and headlined across the country working with comedians such as Brian Posehn and Baron Vaughn. Recently, Haze wrote, produced and directed her very own web series, The Roxxy Haze Show, a comedy sketch show that showcase a mixture of geek and pop culture. She also released her first Nerdcore rap mixtape entitled Roxxy Versus: A Roxxy Haze Mixtape. Roxxy can be heard regularly on her podcast, Bedtime B!chin’ with Roxxy.

We’re excited to have Roxxy join us as our headliner for our Dinner & Comedy Show on Valentine’s Day during GCX! Passes are currently on-sale and tickets for the show itself are scheduled to be available starting January 15, 2020!

Check out the video below to get a sneak peek of the material this young lady will have you crying laughing over (don’t say we didn’t warn you m’kay?)