NexCrewPress: Jorge Percival of CLX Gaming

Audio interview with Jorge at the Stream Studio

It’s been a couple of weeks since DreamHack took over Dallas, TX at the end of May and I’m still reeling off of the awesomeness that I was engulfed in! Lights, sounds, music, games, the thrill of competition… everything I ever dreamed of as a kid was all under one roof. Over the past year, my love for PCs has grown. I completed my first build, as an adult, earlier this year so imagine my excitement when we were invited to meet with a rep from CLX Gaming – stoked? Not even close.

Meet Jorge, the Director of Marketing & Product Placement for Cybertron International. We sat down at the Stream Studio in the convention and had a very candid and open conversation about the brand and its future. You’ll also hear Jorge talk about his rise from a shipper to where he is now and find out some very FUN facts about his own history in the gaming community. Click on the video above to listen in!

Jasmine Willis, better known as JazzyNe', is the CEO and Senior Project Director of The NexCrew LLC, a social media entertainment and events group. She advocates for the empowerment of Black creatives within the geek community by curating platforms to put them front and center. When she isn’t hard at work typing up blogs and editing things, Jasmine enjoys gaming online, taking pictures, reading comics, and being a foodie. She currently resides in Austin with her husband and two children.

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