#PressGang: DreamHack Dallas 2019

Where do I even begin? There’s a lot to cover here, but I’ll definitely keep this as simple and straightforward as possible. Let me start off by saying I was NOT expecting to be accepted as press for such a huge event seeing that we’re still growing. But I am not one to complain about that at all! It’s exciting to know that such an internationally known event would give us little ladies the chance to see how things are ran. So we are very thankful to DreamHack allowing us to cover this event. Let’s move forward so I can fully lose my gaming mind.

DreamHack Dallas attendees watching Rocket League match on Saturday afternoon.

DreamHack Dallas 2019 took place at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center.

It is slated to be the largest gaming and eSports convention stateside and from what we saw this could be an understatement. My partner, Yori, and I walked in the convention building, checked in to receive our badges, and entered the Main Hall of the convention. We looked like kids who entered the great hall of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Sounds of thousands of attendees mingled with multiple stages of gaming competition that were set up throughout the main area. From mobile gaming to Madden NFL you could see it all! Oh, believe me when I say it didn’t take much to get lost in the crowd. Thankfully DH had map displays set up so that you could generally find your way back or near to where you wanted to be. Throughout the hall, you’d find a slew of major players in the world of gaming including Microsoft, CLX Gaming, Monster Energy, & Twitch, and many others plus an amazing handful of indie developers. Yori and I were on a mission. We were headed to meet with the teams at CLX Gaming and ZOWIE. CLX Gaming provided DreamHack Dallas with very POWERFUL gaming PCs that made the one I built at home look like something Fred Flinstone got his hands on. They had each competition stacked and ready to go with no lagging or loss of gameplay flow.

We were able to successfully meet up with and interview our subjects (coming soon btw) before going off to explore more of the main hall. While we didn’t get a chance to catch the musical or panel portions of the event (we got rained in sadly), we DID have a chance to witness the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finals between Team Liquid and ENCE on Sunday! Just the adrenaline from that entire ordeal gets my blood pumping, but more about that later on. My full comparison comes from the first time I attended DreamHack Austin in 2017. The Austin Convention Center is not as large of a facility as the Hutchinson one, but it can still handle a decently sized crowd. I was able to see live music acts and meet some amazing artists that weekend! It was definitely one for the books! This trip definitely enhanced my thoughts on what DreamHack was bringing to Dallas. They stepped up the bar by providing more activities for attendees to participate in and increasing the number of indie game developers who were able to showcase their work.

When I say I wish I could go on forever about how DreamHack Dallas was truly an experience. I mean think about it. They had $500,000 COMBINED in eSports tournaments, collegiate and high school e-Sports matches, a vibey LAN party, arcade, and more! We had a chance to see very popular Twitchers stream live from the Stream Studio, powered by CLX Gaming, in the middle of the show floor! It was a lot to take in and we’ll be sharing more information down the line.

Interested in checking out DreamHack for yourself? DreamHack Atlanta 2019 hits Nov. 15th – 17th at the Georgia World Congress Center! For tickets and information, head on over to Dreamhack.com or to find out the next stop in a city near you!

Jasmine Willis, better known as JazzyNe', is the CEO and Senior Project Director of The NexCrew LLC, a social media entertainment and events group. She advocates for the empowerment of Black creatives within the geek community by curating platforms to put them front and center. When she isn’t hard at work typing up blogs and editing things, Jasmine enjoys gaming online, taking pictures, reading comics, and being a foodie. She currently resides in Austin with her husband and two children.

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