Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Man I guess…Happy New Year. A rant tho.

I’m spending a lot of time self-evaluating through the lens of silently judging my peers—LIKE YALL REALLY OUT HERE HOLDING US BACK. If I see one more pic of a brotha with the Jesus 13s (sandals) and socks on, Imma throw my next door neighbor off the balcony. Can we live in a flood-free environment. I didn’t know designers still made clothes for masochists. Gluttons for punishment you are. It’s like people like wondering outside with cold ankles. Just wondering around, gliding on Failure 4s.


Negroes need to stop the madness. Cocobutter is a $1.08 at Dollar Tree. You may get a rash, but it serves you right for wearing soul-tight garments and shirts 6 sizes too big. Brothas walking around the mall looking like they shoplifting. Drifting around, pockets empty, a shoelace trip from ending Errrythang Curtis. Who is Curtis? I dunno, but y’all gotta stop. Do we gotta make a GoFundMe me to spread the love and positivity of moisturizing???? Lyyyyyk. Whatever dude. Happy New Year y’all. Love you. Y’all really are crazy. And 2019 would’ve been a good year for Thanos to snap—leeeeettttssss make 2020 better, y’all! Don’t let Barbara Walter’s down. Bye.

Some pics of me being less-social at Pinballz arcade: