Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Geeks of Color Expo Guest: Kiba Walker

 Kiba Walker is a musician and actor based in Dallas, Texas. His most prominent voice acting roles include TSUKANO RYOU (Junji Ito Collection), KEITARO NAGAME/YOSHINORI NAGIRA (Camp Buddy), SOTA KOBAYASHI (Full Service), FAWN (The Divine Speaker), CENTRIAN/DJ MUTE/THRILLA KILLA/NUNCHAKU NINJA/TINKERER (Popup Dungeon), KENTA (To Trust an Incubus), and AMON/GNART (Earthlock: Festival of Magic) and CASE FILE KABUKICHO as Diana Oldioni.

You can also hear him throughout BOOGIEPOP & OTHERS, QUINTISSENTIAL QUINTUPLETS, YU-NO, ALL OUT!, GARO VANISHING LINE, CARD CAPTOR SAKURA CLEAR CARD, BLACK CLOVER, TO LOVE RU, KEMONO MICHI, ONE PIECE, GARO VANISHING CAUTIOUS HERO (Kebono), KONO OTO TOMARE (Naoya), and many more Kiba is very well known for his performances in visual novels such as DEAR MONSTER, SEDUCE ME 2: THE DEMON WAR, IDUEL: A BATTLE FOR STARDOM, and MORNINGDEW FARMS. Kiba runs a music channel, KIBAKOVERS, and a gaming channel with his partner, Cole Feuchter, called THE RETROCADE. If you want to learn more about Kiba and his ventures, you can follow him on Twitter @justkibawalker or search him on IMDb.

In addition to being a POC actor, Kiba also is a strong member of the LGBT community, as a normal cast member of North Texas Drag Bingo, and the current champion of THE 3, as SALEM MOON. He is very excited to be invited to Geeks of Color Expo, and cannot wait to meet and talk with all of you!