Wed. May 27th, 2020

GCX, Please Welcome Youtuber, ManicMeeks!!!!

Looks like we’ve got a gamer on the loose! ManicMeeks will be bringing her growing expertise of puzzle and hidden object gaming to the Geeks of Color Expo. With over 3,000 followers (and growing steadily) this queen is showing the gaming world that hidden object and puzzle games have a place amongst the gaming community!

ManicMeeks is a rising Youtuber and Black girl gamer with a passion for POP! figurines, anime, and pretty much anything that will catch her eye (or confuse her). She has climbed through the ranks as one of the few gaming personalities who enjoy showcasing the hidden search and puzzle gaming genres. And if that wasn’t enough her reaction videos are hilarious and entertaining! ManicMeeks, known by those closest to her as Tameeka, currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

To meet Manic Meeks and our other guests, be sure to register here! Check out the video below for some Let’s Play content.