Our Mission

To build platforms that highlight the Black person’s creative influence within and
throughout the geek community.

“Is that all you guys do?”

We're glad you asked! It just so happens we do some really cool stuff on the side. For example, we offer web hosting, photography, creative concept, and audio production services! Is this something you believe that you or your business would need? Have a look at our offerings and let us know how we can help you!

We’ve had the great pleasure of traveling to various anime and gaming conventions throughout the state and we aren’t stopping there.


We like to have a good time just like the other guys, but you’ll love the vibe we bring when we hosts gatherings! Our events range from screenings to themed parties. No matter what we’ll keep you connected and having a good time!

ShckValue TV

Our podcast turned YouTube channel!  Our fans and followers can now join us on this new video and vlog journey as we tackle the not-so-cutesy life of geekdom!  

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Tees, Tanks, & Trinkets... Oh My!


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  • info@thenexcrew.com